Our team consists of professional, poly-qualified and motivated personnel whose main target is to satisfy the client’s demands

It is well-known that shipbuilding industry requires flexibility, mobility and power in order to meet at all times the challenges that may arise any moment. From this reason each of our employees is able to cover more sectors in shipbuilding. Thus, our welders are certified for several usual welding methods largely used in shipbuilding, among which is CO2 welding, MMA welding, TIG/MIG welding, etc. In the same time welders successfully carry out the fitter’s tasks and vice versa.

Our engineers can successfully supervise the whole range of shipbuilding works, from hull works to ship delivery after sea trials. We are a dedicated team developed during years of experience, working beside the most renowned names in the worldwide shipbuilding industry.

We now continue to attend conferences, presentations and specialty courses in order to improve the quality of works, management system and to be permanently in touch with the latest technologies and practices specific for this important branch of industry.